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+62 361 - 265 083

Emergency Call 0361 - 265 083


30 Years of Surya Husadha Group's Existence

In 1982 Surya Husadha is an ENT clinic founded by dr. Putu Wirya Masna, Sp.THT. And continue to develop into a foundation exactly 24 February 2007. In 2002 became a PT. Surya Husadha and has 4 business units, Surya Husadha Hospital, Surya Husadha Ubung Hospital, Surya Husadha Hospital Nusa Dua and Kuta Medical Cent

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Dengue Fever

Dengue fever or commonly known by the people of Indonesia as dengue fever is a disease that is accompanied by headache, joint pain, muscle, and bone, and pain in the back of the eye.

Our Doctors

Our doctors specialist random view.

Dr. I N G Budiana Sp.OG (K)
Dr. Nym Semadi, Sp.B.Sp.BTKV
Dr. I Md. Gd. Dwi Lingga Utama, Sp.A(K)
DR.Dr. I Wyn Bikin Suryawan, Sp.A (K)